BA Auto Care | Want to pay over time for your car repairs? Sign up for the new AutoPass Card.

Brian England, Tues, Mar 1, 2022

Many of our regular customers are part of a preventive maintenance program, bringing their car in at regular intervals for service. Keeping your vehicle road worthy through regular service and maintenance checkups can prevent costly repairs down the road. Now our customers can spread the cost of these preventive maintenance visits as well as other repair services with the new AutoPass Card. This credit card gives you the ability to spread payments over six months without interest. This program can really help when you have unexpected major repairs on your vehicle. It also means that you don’t need to put off repairing those safety issues that our techs uncover during regular maintenance checkups.

Provided by CFNA (The Credit First National Association Bank), the AutoPass Card helps you manage your payments over time on purchases of $149 or more. You will also have access to special service offers, a competitive APR and much more. For all the details, just go to Or ask us about it when you bring your vehicle in for service the next time.

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